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rie hata


This photo series was inspired by the striking looks from the recently released FENTY F/W 2016 collection from Rihanna and Puma. Reflective of Rihanna’s badass presence, the monochrome pieces are unapologetically bold, and draw on a unique mix of throwback 90’s and Japanese aesthetics, as well as Puma’s signature sportswear themes.

Looking through the collection, I envisioned a modern day kunouichi in the neon-lit night streets of Tokyo. We were fortunate enough to collaborate with the immensely talented and equally stylish Rie Hata - internationally known dancer and choreographer to bring this project to life. After a styling session at the FENTY pop-up shop on Melrose, we picked up a full outfit, from a mesh do-rag/skullcap to a set of sharp sneaker heels. 

A mask from KIN Aesthetik provided a perfect finish to the look. The oversized kimono piece in particular enabled us to capture some interesting shapes through movement, and the crossed diamond design in the leggings and cami bra were reflected in the traditional ito wrap on Japanese swords. Rie channeled her inner ninja spirit and crushed the look. Check out the shots in the gallery above, and a quick behind the scenes video below.

Creative Direction & Photography | Jon Shih

Muse | Rie Hata

Hair | Chiyuki Furata

Photo Assistants | Dani Chang, Hayley Biggs

BTS Video | Shot by Gerald Nonato / Edited by Jon Shih

Special Thanks | Lyle Beniga, Jawn Ha, Kinjaz Dojo

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