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ALLEN IVERSON is a basketball player of late 90's NBA stardom and an icon of 90's street and pop culture. He is attributed with being the catalyst of modern basketball style marquee with their baggy shorts, cornrows, and tattoos which was frowned upon and admonished at the time but embraced by most if not all of the NBA. He was equally captivating as he was controversial.

Coinciding with his induction to the NBA Hall of Fame, photographer Gary Land released a photo book of Iverson with a collection of 8 years worth of photos. Land met Iverson through Reebok's endorsement of Iverson and has been shooting him since 2002. The book includes a massive mix of professional and personal photos on and off the court.

UNDFTD launched a book release pop up shop at La Brea, Ca, where iconic prints were hung along the walls, leading you to a shelf filled with limited edition tees. It was a fan boy's dream.

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